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Olympic Idea Backoffice overview

I’ve been asked from the members of my International Olympic Idea Team, to make a video describing the backoffice of Olympic Idea. So if you want to find an independant representative of Olympic Idea and start building your Olympic Idea business, then you definately need to watch this video.

In this presentation you will see:

  • A brief introduction to Olympic Idea backoffice
  • Overview of the basic links and function
  • Quick introduction on the products and services offered by OlympicIdea
  • Discounts, Deals and Free products quick introduction
  • The backoffice of the OlympicBiz E-Tools platform
  • How the business owner can create a Website
  • How the business owner can create an Eshop
  • How the loyality partners can declare the discounts or offers they give to members

Mention that this is the backoffice overview of Olympic idea in 2014, since then OlympicIdea backoffice has evolved!
You can find a sneak peak of the new OlympicIdea backoffice in this post

Olympic Idea is still in a prelaunch phase and more features will be added soon, along with the translation of the site to Greek and Italian.

If you are a Network Marketer that wants to run this network in your country, please contact me, since i am an independant Olympic Idea representative and i can support you in your task.

You can join Olympic Idea only through an independent representative of OlympicIdea. This is a Network Marketing business that started on January 15, 2014 that only allowes registrations through referral links.

You are free to use my referral Link to join our team in this awesome MLM Business: [ Click here ] for my Olympic Idea Referral link

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  • Jose Silverio

    Reply Reply April 19, 2014

    I want be independent representatives, but don’t know how

    • mmingos

      Reply Reply April 19, 2014

      Hello Jose, to be an independent representative of Olympic Idea you have to follow this link: http://start.olympicidea.com/lcp1/. Currently you can use SolidTrustPay in order to pay with olympicidea, or you can transfer to my paypal ammount the appropriate amount and i can issue you a credit voucher so you can proceed with the registration.

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