Olympic Idea

Olympic Idea Mobile app for android

We were waiting for that for a long time, Olympic Idea Mobile App was released today. I was amazed by the graphics and possibilities we have with this tool. It’s truly a tool that will boost our production. We can also use it for demonstration and attract more people. (more…)

How to register a new member in Olympic Idea

This the whole process that you need to know if you want to learn how to register a new member in Olympic Idea. Prior to this, you have to make sure that you have transferred some money in Olympic Idea so you can create a credit voucher.

Then you create the voucher code for the registration and then you follow the exact steps shown in this video. Get 3 in your first 15 days and be free.

Your subscription is paid for the next time. If you are not a member in Olympic Idea you can register by using this link and you will join the Olimpic-Idea International team: http://start.olympicidea.com/lcp6/

Olympic Idea Presentation Webinar in English

This is an Unofficial Olympic Idea Presentation Webinar in English by George Photiadis that explains the concenpt an compensation plan. If you want to learn more click here: http://start.olympicidea.com/lcp6/

The pre-launch of Olympic Idea is setting new rules to the Industry of Affiliate and Network Marketing Industry. Olympic Idea is a new USA based, internet marketing company and you can build your own discount community locally in any given country. (more…)

What do you get with Olympic Idea Platform for businesses

In this video you can see what Olympic Idea Platform offers to Small & Medium Enterprises. They get a website and eshop right away and this includes all domain/hosting/plugins for a whole year.

So you just pay Olympic Idea, you spend less than an hour customizing your website and your eshop and you are all done.

Now don’t forget that if you are a member of Olympic Idea in the Annual plan, then each time you register a new business owner, you get a commission of 130$. And the best thing is that next year this commission will come back again into your pockets if the business owner is satisfied with the service.

So this is a no brainer. Whether you want to work as an affiliate marketer and register business owners or if you want to setup a network of consumers in a multi-level marketing way, Olympic Idea offers both options.

We are just starting in USA… Join Olympic Idea USA now!

Join Olympic Idea USA now to be one of the first leaders in the US under my team to receive free training and one-to-one help in your effort. We are committed in spreading the word all around the world.

So if you want to join click here: http://start.olympicidea.com/lcp3/ and i will contact you on Skype to explain the compensation plan further.

Olympic Idea English Presentation extended by Mike Mingos

Olympic Idea English Presentation and compensation plan analysis. I have tried to analyze the compensation plan and the overall operation of Olympic Idea multi level marketing company.


What i have found is that this company offers some very important advantages and i list everyone of them. (more…)

Olympic Idea Spanish Menu & multilanguage support

Olympic Idea expands around the world and goes to Europe with a multilanguage interface. Olympic Idea Spanish Menu Website is now available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Hindi

… soon more languages will be implemented.

Check out spanish translation in this link: http://prntscr.com/3v213e

Thanks to the integration team, things are going very fast in this pre-launch.

If you are an MLM leader or a really motivated individual, watch this video as this is a very good opportunity to expand Olympic Idea in your country:

—> http://joinolympicidea.com/prelaunch-for-mlm-leaders

Olympic Idea uses Payoneer to pay its independent representatives

The news are grate. Olympic Idea uses Payoneer! Olympic Idea has started cooperation with Payoneer in order to send commissions and payments to their members.

The first olympic idea payoneer mastercard

So when you earn money from Olympic Idea, they can be transfered directly to your Olympic Idea Payoneer prepaid credit card, and you can use it as a normal credit card. Payoneer pays in about 200 countries and uses about 50 different currencies.

Payoneer is a Mastercard cooperated company and it is the most reliable, quick and cheap payout system in the market. So Olympic Idea did another step to perfection.

Payments of representatives are being done in the beginning of each month, and until now we’ve seen lots of money going to our team from bonuses, according to the Olympic Idea Compensation Plan.

Olympic Idea transfers all payments, to the virtual Wallet we have inside our backoffice. Then members can transfer any available amount of money, directly to Payoneer. Isn’t this great? (more…)

Have you seen Olympic Idea Card before? Olympic Idea Compensation Plan

The Olympic Idea Card!

I have made a quick video, called “Have you seen Olympic Idea Card before?” in order to explain to you the concept of Olympic Idea Private Discount Club and community.

It all starts from two very common needs that consumers and business owners have:

  • Consumers need to be motivate in order to choose one shop from another. And this motives can be discounts, deals and advertisment
  • Business owners need to have modern tools to promote and advertise their businesses. So they can pay in order to make a website, eshop and on the other hand they can provide discounts and deals in order to bring more customers in their business

Olympic Idea is a company that acts as the middleman in this relationship between the customers and business owners. It gives the business owner modern tools (websites, eshop and advertisment) to promote his business and it gives to the customers motives to enlarge the member’s and business owners community.

The bigger the community is, the more shops get into the community. The more shops come into this community the more valuable it is for the customers.



Olympic Idea Backoffice overview

I’ve been asked from the members of my International Olympic Idea Team, to make a video describing the backoffice of Olympic Idea. So if you want to find an independant representative of Olympic Idea and start building your Olympic Idea business, then you definately need to watch this video.

In this presentation you will see:

  • A brief introduction to Olympic Idea backoffice
  • Overview of the basic links and function
  • Quick introduction on the products and services offered by OlympicIdea
  • Discounts, Deals and Free products quick introduction
  • The backoffice of the OlympicBiz E-Tools platform
  • How the business owner can create a Website
  • How the business owner can create an Eshop
  • How the loyality partners can declare the discounts or offers they give to members (more…)